The day I became a victim

It was Friday on early December, I was drinking with my work colleagues.
Even after we went 2 pubs, I still wanted to drink.
So I went a bar that my boyfriend had been drinking.

I ordered just one cocktail and after that I just drunk water, then we had pasta to call it a night.
I became almost sober.

Around 2 am, we asked the bartender for a cab, but it was party season, he said we have to wait one hour.

“What we gonna do?”

I asked and my boyfriend answered,

“I came here by bicycle, so we can go back together by walk to my house. And you can ride my bicycle to your home. ”

The positional relation between our houses and the bar is as follows.

The bar to my boyfriend house : 20 min by walk
My boyfriend house to my house : 30 min by walk

It’s pretty far and I have never tried to go back home my bicycle.
But it is not impossible if I tried hard, I thought.
So I accepted his idea.

I totally sobered when we arrived at his home.
So I headed to my home by riding the bicycle.
I turned to the narrow street along the big park to shortcut.
The street around the park is dark but I was not feeling scared.
Maybe alcohol made me little more brave than the usual.

His bicycle is colored blue and while.
It’s like the mountain bike style and so loud design.
I was excited by riding the bicycle for the first time in a while and I was bathing in the afterglow of the fun night.

Along the street, the trees are planted like to surround the park so I cannot see the inside of the park.
The street lights are there but very few.

And when I came to the point where the street tree are not plated space, I finally realized that a man who was covered with masks jumped towards me swiftly.

And the next moment, my body was slammed against the ground hardly.
I got a sharp pain and impact on the right part of my head and elbow
My head made some weird noise.


The man rides on my body to stop my motion.
While resisting under the man, I kept screaming

How long have I been doing that…
I felt like a minute or 30 minutes…

Then the man roughly touched my private part between legs over my clothes.


The words recur to me.
I finally understood what he wants.

At the same time, I finally realized that
It’s 2 am, a dark and narrow street, nobody around….

The situation was more serious than I thought.