Police found the man

A few month later, my wound of the day has been healed and getting used to the new life.
I got a phone call from police.

“We identified a man who seems to be the criminal. We have not yet arrested, but when we heard from the man, he admitted that he attacked you at the part that day.”

That was unexpected thing to me.
They found the man.
Japanese police do such a great job!!

“The man lives in A city.”

It was the next city.
Even the man lives in the next city, the man came to attack woman at the middle of the night.

The deciding factor to identify the criminal was the image of monitor camera at convenience store.

The day, the man was at the store that is on the big street near the park.

The man parked his car at the store and when he found a woman riding a bicycle alone, followed her.

After a while, the man backed to the store.

The camera shows me riding a bicycle alone and the man followed me.

The man was spreading a net at the store.

The prior woman was inconvenient for the man.
The man failed to attach her and back to the store.
Then I passed through the store alone, and went to the park.

It was a premeditated crime.

Now I remember.
There was a car that follows me so slowly.
When l looked back the car, the car passes me through and went to the park.

The car.
The masked man was in the car……!!!
No doubt.

And the man parked the car at the park.
And the man had been hiding and précising the timing to attack me.

I got more scared that there is a man who attacks women like that.

Police continued,

“When we arrested the man, we gotta ask you to cooperate with us for the trial.”

What I need to do for the trial…
Police found the man….
Unexpected developments made me unstable again and I had a nightmare the night.