the day I became a victim 2

It's too late for regrets.
We don’t know what or when something will happen.

My mother often told me because I was drinking until midnight.
“Make sure to back home by cab. At night, middle age woman like you ( I am 36) also can be attacked. OK?”

She was right.
I should have waited for a cab.
But it’s too late for regrets.

Around a park is usually dark, so a crime occurs easily.
Everybody knows that.
But it’s useless common sense to me anymore, I was already attacked.
Now I am attacked.

I freaked out for my situation but I screamed as loud as I could.


Then the man suddenly stood up and run into the park

“what happened?”

I was looking at the man who taking no notice of my bag on the ground and running away at the top of his speed.
I thought,

“This attacking purpose was not the money. REALLY”

I kept screaming even after the man already ran away.
I was in shock and panicking.

After few minutes, I realized that two cars are coming towards screaming me.

I shouted crying.

The cars stopped for a while but drove away…

My panicking is still goes on.
Moreover, I was in despair by the devil car driver.
So I decided to call my boyfriend who just got home 30 minutes ago.

no answer
Call again,
no answer

Then I got a LINE message from him.

“I can’t talk right now”

He has a wife who sleeping beside him.
Yes I was having an affair with the man.