People’s reaction


That was what my boyfriend arrived and said to me at the scene 30 minutes later after the phone call.
He found me in the police car, and said so.

You should say “Are you ok?” before “Sorry” in this case. I thought.
What is “Sorry” for ?

“Why did you use the street around the park at such a time! I cannot say that to your father!”

My mother said to me on the phone in the morning.

“You were careless.”

My father said so.

“You are really lucky. Nothing really happened.”

One of my friend said so.

When I said about the incident to my people,
people’s reaction were various.

Most of the reactions made me disappointed and think like I should not have said that.

However, T, one of my friends’ reaction really warmed me.

I found that She sounds sad from the bottom of her heart.

She also has the experience as a victim in the past.

Not the exact same crime like I had, but the sexual crime.

She really listened me sincerely.
Her listening attitude really saved me a lot.

“I was attacked by a stranger. But a car passes through the street and saved me safe, so it didn’t become such a serious incident.”

What happened me was above, if I describe simply.
I did not get a serious injury. I was lucky.
It’s true.

But the damage I had from the day was bigger than I thought.
I was getting confused.

I have not organized my feeling yet, but I had to digest my feelings yet.

Because the serious injury was “Nothing”.

I was saying to myself.

At the investigation at police station, I said to the female police officer,

“I was just touched over my clothing. It’s like there is nothing happened.”

And the female officer said loudly,

“What are you saying? You had a such scary day! Of cause there is huge injury!”

I was relieved.
Yes I had a scary night.
I got injured.

I was not comfortable to be treated as a victim, but I was not comfortable to be treated like there is nothing happened.

People who stayed with my heart were very few, but not zero.

They really helped me.

I really appreciated for that.