Changes from the day

I had to go to the police station 3 times after the day.

Every time I went, I had to remind what happened the day.
At the night, I became unstable.

Changes after the day;

  • have to check the keys have really locked
  • night became scary
  • strangers on the street became scary
  • have a nightmare a lot

I was at my parents’ house.
But I was getting annoyed by them.
It was just normal conversation to them but it annoyed me.

I had no space to care about them.

I also lost my boyfriend on the day.
I trusted him and he was my best friend also.
But after the day, my trust for him disappeared.
We broke up on LINE
He wanted to meet me for the last.
But I refused.
It was the biggest revenge I could do to him.

On the day, my body and heart also got bruised.
My heart got bruised by heart break too.
It was secret love but it was love to me.

I got so worn out.
And did not want to stay with somebody.
I just wanted to be alone.
Did not want to pretend I am OK, or did not want to be worried.

Just want to be alone.
I decided to move out.
One month later, I moved out from my parents’ home.

I was so relieved that I don’t have to pretend anymore.

I had people who cares and understands me but nobody truly can cure my feelings instead of me.

I have to stand up by myself with bruised body and heart.