the man has denied the motives

This is the man who attacked you.

Police showed me a picture of the man.
There was a young man who has no special feature but not positive impression on the picture.

The man may has no big happiness, no fame, no money, no talent.
That’s why he did such a thing, I thought.

But the criminal had a wife.
No kids, fortunately.
But they must have just got married.
He is still young.
The man left his wife at the middle of the night and wore the mask and attacked a woman.

The wife also like a victim.

According to the police, the man attacked 3 women including me.

The first was teenager, the second was 20th.
Both of them filed the damage reports to police.
The man was surfaced and marked as a suspect as the investigation progressed by the police.

It seems that the content of the man's crime was escalated as he followed the round.

And police continued,

“Actually for only your case, the man has denied the motives as sexual purposes.”

What do you mean?

“The man attacked you but he said when he saw you, he lost the urge.”

Lost the urge????
What does is mean?

I will KILL the man.
I definitely kill the man.

Police continued,

“I guess he chickened out. Because the man has been charged with previous 2 cases already. Because the weight of punishment will change if it is just a wound or a compulsive indecent wound.”

“The man screwing around with us. We should make him falling down to Hell. Let’s do it.”

“Yes, Sir!!!!!” I answered.

There was no weak victim anymore.

I DO NOT forgive the man.
Absolutely NOT.
What kind of man can say “lost the urge” to a woman?
Who do you think you are??

I will make him down.
I have decided.

The day, anger turned into a power.