Cautions when you see a doctor

After I came back home and scolded by my parents,
I went to the emergency medical center to take careful inspections.

At the reception, I said to the receptionist

“I was attacked by a phantom slasher last night and I got injured.”

Then the receptionist said unexpected thing.

ME “I was attacked last night and I got injured.”
SHE “Did you go to police station?”
ME “Yes”
SHE “In that case, it will be out of insurance application. ”
ME “Excuse me?”
SHE “For the injury you got from the other, you cannot use normal health insurance coverage.”

That was surprising true.
But in Japan it is crucial true.
So I have to pay 100% medical fee now.
I started to hate the world for a moment, but try to come down and said to her,

“Can you just pretend like you didn’t hear what I said? I just hit my body by the bicycle accident. So I want the inspections.”

Then the receptionist reluctantly accepted me.

“Right elbow injury. Right head bruised. 1 or 2 weeks to complete cure.”

It was not that serious injury. The result of X-ray test was also no problem.
I was released a little and went back home.

Next morning, I woke up with big neck pain.
I cannot bend my neck anyway.

Because it got worse as time passed

I went an orthopedic hospital that also has a rehabilitation facility on Monday.

I already learned about the insurance, I lied as “bicycle accident”, and had the inspections.

The doctor diagnosed “Cervical sprain” it will take 1 week to complete cure.

My body’s pain got better but that time I haven’t realized that I will be regret later that having inspected with lying.

If you became a victim, please say the truth when you see a doctor

Only the medical certificate can certify what happened and how much you injured objectively.

Unfortunately the medical certificate is more effective than the testimony.
Because it is a document certifying the damage objectively

The content of the medical certificate will have a great effect at the trial

When you said the truth at the hospital and you paid the medical fee fully.
You also can get the fee back from the government or the criminal when they are arrested later.

If you became a victim, please say the truth when you see a doctor
Otherwise you may get hurt like me later.