An police car arrived the scene

An police car arrived the scene.

I and the woman driver were questioned by police officer in the police car.

The police officers are total 3.
The male police officers are sitting at the front.
And female officer was sitting the back.

They might have the manual for sexual crime interview.
I was thankful for the existence of the female officer.
I was little relieved.

These officers attitude to me was so soft considered.

Once they understood what happened to me and my injury level, they said that they want to have an on-the-scene investigation with me.

The head part that hit on the ground was not bleeding, but getting swollen unbelievably.
So I really wanted to go to the hospital right now.
But the police judged my injury was not the emergency level.

If they judged so, I should follow them.
I accepted the on-the-scene investigation on the day.

I explained the details of what happened.
Then the officers recreate the situation at the scene and took a picture of it.
Sometimes I (the victim) had to pointed out the scene and taken by a camera.
It was quite disgusting.

Also I was surprised by my unclear memory.
The masked man figure or what he did

1. I resisted, but the man touched my private part
2.The mask was like a pro wrestler design, background is black and eyes and mouth were fringed by red line.

I didn’t remember the details such as which hand, how long, how tall, from what side….e.t.c.

Because I couldn’t answer clearly, the police officer seemed to suspected that I am hiding something.

Perhaps, there are many of the sexual crime victims cannot or do not answer what really happened.

“the man touched my private part”

Even the contents above, it was not easy to tell to the people who I don’t really know even they are police officers.

The fear of touched by a stranger without a permission was unbearable.

I am not pretending like I am a pure girl for sure, I was simply so scared.
Without any question, it was the most scared day in my life.

After the on-the-scene investigation, the female police officer passed me some equipment and said,

“Perhaps, I can get the masked man’s DNA from your clothes, so press this equipment against your clothing which the man touched?”

I pressed the equipment against my private part between legs over the clothing.

She said me to do over and over.

So I did, over and over.

Somehow I felt so miserable myself, and I could not hold my tears.

It was morning when the all investigations were finished.