I called 110 and while explaining the situation to the operator,
I realized one car is coming.
I cannot see the driver’s face due to the headlamp.
The car slowly stopped in front of me.
But the driver doesn’t get off the car.
I cannot see the face.

Suddenly I thought.
The masked man came back!

I said to the operator at the police,

“Please come here right now! Some strange car is stopping here! Maybe it’s him!
Please come soon!”

I tried to run away with the bicycle.
But I was not functioning at all.
I couldn’t rise the bicycle. Shit
I have to run away.
I was dragging the bicycle with looking at the car, calling to police.

Then the driver got off the car and said

“Are you all right!? Come and get on my car!”

Wo, Woman’s voice!!!!

She said that she was the driver who passed through me just before.
Because when she found me on the ground, there was a car behind her, so she thought she should go into the intersection and turned back.
She also said that she also called police in the car.

I got on her car and waited for police to come.

Perhaps, the masked man ran away because he saw her car is coming?
If so, she is my life saver.

If the car didn’t come?
If I lost my consciousness when the masked man knocked me down?
If I didn’t scream?
What would have happened to me?

I was trying very hard to functioning myself but couldn’t stop crying and shaking.

I had been thinking that I was more strong woman.
But l was out of control because I just had the thing.

It was impossible to chase him and catch him like a brave woman in a movie.

I was just panicking, crying and shaking like a child.

I was just a weak woman.
Just a weak woman in front of the real crime.