The day I quit an affiar

It was the 3rd winter with him.
He was my boss.
We both liked drinking and eating good food.
After he became my boss, we naturally became man and woman.

It was the first time for me to go out with a man who has a family.
I worn out at the beginning but got used to it after a year.
Even after I changed my job, the relationship didn’t end.

However, the thing cannot stay the same forever.
The change also happened to our relationship.
He was transferred to country side office.
The reason was not the affair.
His subordinate failed and he had to take responsibility as boss.
He didn’t take family there.

But he didn’t divorce his wife and he said to me.

“Come visit me.”

I have realized our relationship is just temporary.
No future relationships.
I didn’t have a gut to break a family.
But also I was not satisfied with our relationship.
I have been struggling for 3 years.

I didn’t necessarily avoid to become a bride.
I wanted to get married someday.
I tried to meet a single guy.
I tried to break up with him several times.

But I was fun and comfy with him because he knows well.

I was forced myself to satisfy with the temporary relationships.
But I stated to like him seriously.
I thought he also felt the same.
He doesn’t divorce because the children are still little.
That is all.
He doesn’t love the wife anymore.
He loves me the best.
I thought so, and he actually said so.

However, that was fucking WRONG.
I realized FINALLY.

It was the first time to call him at the middle of night without notice.
When I call him, I always send a text to check that he is available.
I didn’t wanna break a family.
That’s an important manner.

BUT, the day I was panicking.
So I called him who I trust the most.

I just wanted to talk.
That was all.

LINE messages:
He “I can’t talk right now”
Me ” I was attacked”
He ”by who?”
Me “I don’t know, a man at the park”
He “What do you mean?”

Several messages he sent but no calling.

At this point, I realized that THIS MAN is SHIT.

If he does love me, he calls back right away. I am saying “I was attacked.”
I have never called without notice.
He knows that I was almost sober when we separated.
He knows I was not drunk.
He knows something really happened to me.
But He didn’t call.

This man doesn’t come to help me.
This man doesn’t have a time to spend for me.
This man doesn’t answer my sudden calls.
This man doesn’t answer even I am experiencing my worst day.

This is the moment that “He” who I trusted the most changed to “This man”.

I stopped texting him via LINE, and called emergency number 110.