to eliminate the sexual crime from Japan

I want to eliminate the sexual crime from Japan and the world.

If it’s impossible, I want to decrease the number of victims who just had to swallow the sexual crime experience without going to court.

Even now is the 21st century, 90% of the sexual crime victims in Japan don’t sue the sexual criminals.

It’s really abnormal values from the global view.

I had never thought such a thing like above until I became the victim.

In my case, it was “carnal abuse injury”.

I became the victim for the first time in my life.

The bodily injury was not that serious, but the invisible injury was huge.

The invisible injury I had was mainly from the criminal but also from the detection by the officer and the trial.

To sue people as victims is a huge burden.

WHY the 90% victims in Japan don’t sue?

The burden for the detections by the police and the prosecution are huge.

It's not like the victims can endure such a burden immediately after being victimized.

Even if the remaining 10 % victims sued the criminals with huge courage, the Japanese society doesn’t protect the victims.

People see the victim as “poor blemished” person, not “Brave” person.


If we the victims didn’t sue, the criminal is allowed to be free.

The criminal may harm another people.

The victim may be harmed more badly.

When I thought so, I couldn’t think of any other way than suing.

Because I felt “the real madness” from the criminal.

Now, after completed the trial, I clearly think it was right thing to do.

That’s why I want to write In this website to remember what happened after the day.

To be one of the big supporter for you “the brave victim”.

And to eliminate the crying blemished victims and the sexual crimes from the world.